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We offer a variety of stabilization techniques to improve ground conditions prior to and throughout construction.

Ground Improvement‚Äč

Specialty Grouting: Grouting services to stabilize terrain, preventing cave-ins and obstructing groundwater from infiltrating excavation. Permeation grouting is used in cases involving fine fractures to stabilize groundwater and flow through the rock mass. 

Dewatering: Gravity or pumped dewatering services to improve ground stability prior to drilling or construction. Includes both horizontal and angle wells. 

Tube Arch Canopies: Spile installation used to improve tunnel-enveloping ground conditions. Cased horizontal holes with one-way grout valves are drilled to desired depths in an arch formation above the tunnel alignment. Pressurized grouting is then performed to complete the stabilization process, decreasing the risk for possible cave-ins.

Peripheral Freezing: Cased horizontal boreholes to support peripheral freezing prior to tunnel excavation. Peripheral freezing involves installing closed-loop freeze lines to temporarily freeze the ground surrounding tunnel alignments and create more stable drilling conditions.