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When slope stability is compromised, existing structures have foundation challenges, or deep excavations are contemplated, we can design the appropriate earth retention system for the project to ensure the surrounding ground stays in its intended place. Common earth retention systems include: 


Quanta Retention Services



  • Anchors: Using high strength rebar or strand tendons, these active elements are tensioned to prevent movement of a geotechnical unit
  • Micropiles: Multiple micropiles can be installed to arrest the movement of unstable formations or improve / retrofit existing foundations
  • Secant Piles: Columns that are constructed adjacent to another to form a structural wall. These are also used to control groundwater
  • Soil Nails: Similar to an anchor, these are used to stabilize and retain unconsolidated formations.
  • Sheet Piling: Often used in marine environments to support excavations, prevent erosion, or control ground water