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BWI Expands Hard Rock Drilling Capabilities

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Brent Woodward, Inc. (BWI) continues to increase hard rock operations with recent projects and investments in specialty equipment.

Notable projects include the El Cabo Wind Farm, Facebook Data Center and Collier Solar Farm.  Significant equipment additions include a down-the-hole (DTH) hammer rig capable of producing rock shafts up to 36 inches in diameter.

Teaming with sister company PAR Electrical Contractors, BWI is providing drilled shaft foundations for all 256 pole structures on the El Cabo Wind Farm 34.5 kV OH Collection System, located in Encino, NM.  A large number of these foundations are being installed in granite with strengths of up to 13,000 psi.  Crews are currently on site and expect to complete foundation work by the end of March.

At the Facebook Data Center in Prineville, OR, BWI is currently working on two security projects.  The first entails 600, 36-inch-diameter rock shafts for the installation of a high-strength security fence.  The second includes installing more than 130 cast-in-place pole bases for lighting structures around the campus.  BWI expects some of these to be in fill material and some in solid rock, and will wrap up both projects by late March.

Recently completed projects of note include the Collier Solar Farm, located in Bend, OR.  Working for FLS energy, BWI installed approximately 4,700 drilled shafts for solar array piles.  Project challenges included subsurface conditions consisting of solid basalt and basalt rubble fill, which were created by the site civil contractor during subgrade preparation.

In addition to hard rock drilling, BWI continues to service the drilled pier, specialty foundation and augured shaft needs of the electric power market in the Western United States.

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