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BWI Increases Presence in Washington State

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Brent Woodward, Inc. (BWI) recently entered into agreements with two Washington utilities, Avista Utilities and Grant County PUD, further increasing their presence in Central and Eastern Washington.

A Master Service Agreement has been signed with Avista Utilities, headquartered in Spokane, WA, to provide on-call drilling and foundation services.  BWI believes this to be the beginning of a successful relationship, and is preparing to fulfill the first of two work releases in the greater Spokane area.  The first is for a transmission line rebuild Avista is undertaking in-house.  BWI is drilling 46 shafts for direct embed poles, ranging in diameter from 30 to 48 inches, and installed to depths between 7 and 12 feet.  BWI will also install three drilled concrete piers, 4 feet in diameter and 28 feet deep.  The second release is also a transmission line rebuild and includes the installation of four drilled shafts for direct embed poles, 3 feet in diameter and 14 feet deep.

In addition, BWI has entered into a new pilot program with Grant County PUD, located in Central Washington.  The program involves providing drilling and foundation services to meet the utility’s regular demand for new pole shafts and augured excavations.  BWI has worked indirectly as a subcontractor on a number of GCPUD projects in the past, but this pilot program initiates a new venture in direct partnership between the two entities.

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