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GIS Mapping

Our team develops custom tools for use by our field data collection specialists, and project viewers that are used by asset managers and construction teams.

These specialty GIS solutions can be incorporated into utility GIS databases and serve as a valuable repository of project analytics and asset evaluation summaries.  The visual presentation of linear asset data in GIS provides an efficient way to analyze pertinent information during the pre-project planning phase, including potential hazards, access routes, asset age and capacity, and other pertinent information to the evaluation.  All of this data can be transposed into site-specific information along the project route.  As successive iterations of the asset evaluation take place, the platform allows for real-time project data dissemination to anyone with an active login.  This always includes QS personnel, and can extend to consultants, contractors and the project owner.  It streamlines communication between project stakeholders at all levels, allowing for increased transparency and quicker response times.

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