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QS to Provide Foundation Services on East-West Tie

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Quanta Services announced that it was selected to construct NextBridge’s Ontario East-West Tie Line Project through its operating subsidiary, Valard Construction.

Located on the northern shore of Lake Superior in Ontario, the line includes installation of approximately 450 km of double circuit 230 kV transmission line.

Valard selected Quanta Subsurface (QS) as Foundation Contractor, responsible for all aspects of foundation design, procurement and construction.  QS will conduct a geotechnical investigation of the alignment to select the most economic foundation design and installation method at each site.  Anticipated foundation types for the self-supporting, guyed and monopole structures include drilled shaft, drilled pipe pile, driven pile, micropile, helical pile, and grillage.  Grouted and helical anchors are considered for the guy lines.  Multiple Quanta foundation contractors are expected to be involved and QS will provide onsite foundation construction management and QA/QC services throughout construction.

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